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Back on Line with the Blog, Window 10 sucks

Posted on April 24, 2016 at 8:50 AM

   We installed new computers and as you probably know, all software must be reinstalled.  Windows 10 caused the failure of 2 laptops, twice.  Windows 10 is another failure, just like Windows 8, both being released without all the designed operations NOT operating.  If you are thinking of installing W10 as an Upgrade ............. DON"T.  It will cause a total failure of your computer.  It happened twice here.   It was very expensive.  One of our high end software programs, Adobe Master Design Photography / Video software ($2600.00) allowed 3 installs, no more.  It was installed on the laptop and desktop 3 years ago.  When W10 upgrade was installed the computer failed.  Tech Support reinstalled W8 and Adobe (install #3).  After the announcement that W10 Upgrade was fixed, it was installed again, along with MS Office 365.  Within hours, total computer failure.   We purchased new computers that came with W10.  No Adobe installs left, so I'm left with a ok but not very good Photoshop 14 / Premier. $2600 will buy 6 AR15's or 2 AR10's ...  

     Another think about Windows 10.  It wants to take over.  It took nearly 400 GB of my pictures and sent them to the CLOUD, without my knowledge.  It took a while to disable the ONE PLACE as it's called.  I reloaded the pictures.  If you pay for the internet by the GB, this involuntary upload could be very expensive.

     Thanks for coming for a visit.

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