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Business Ethics: There are none these days

Posted on October 10, 2016 at 12:45 AM

Wow ..  new Dell with Windows 10 installed.  MS does an update for W10 ......... the new Dell dies.  $146 to buy the password from MS ($40), then to load all the data .... $106 (includes sales tax) ...  trouble is this is the 3rd time with this computer and a the W10 updates. 

     The computer guy said MS acknowleged that the last update crashed many computers across the world ;...  yet MS still charging $40 to resend the password required ............ highway robbery.  It wasn't my password, but a 6 digit number sequence.

      Adobe, as previously reported was no help.  $2600 program Adobe Photoshop Master Design allowed 3 downloads / installs.  One to the desktop (crashed with W10 update), one to the laptop (had to install it twice with 2 W10 crashes) ......... so I"m screwed.  Adobe wants more money.

    LooseFatNashville.  I enrolled $2300 and unlimted use until you loose your weight.  The first 3 weeks I lost 18 of the 40 (I travel a lot and could not follow the program on travel days as access to the prescribed food was not an option) .. So lost on my days off ........ On their video advertising the owner actually says "no extra charge if it goes beyound 30 days" ... so they got me ....... hell of a guarantee if you honor it .........WHICH THEY REFUSED TO DO" ..........  they wanted $1545.00 more ......    No ethics there.  They knew what I do for a living yet they would not extend the program ... their program does NOT provide the food .. just the liquid drops that are on sale at Amazon for less than $100 for both solutions.  Since I dropped this POS company, I've yo-yo on the weight but I've found I stablize, then loose 5 more by not eating all the fat, or at least smaller portions. 

ASPEN DENTAL:  on the window of their office  $19 for complete dental exrays and evaluation.  Great, I did that and they charged $23 or so (sales tax).  But then they find out I have dental insurance and wham ...  not only do they use that, but they want another $54 from me .... this after I sat in the waiting room 2 more times for teeth cleaning which never got done ... I have a 10:30 appointment and at 11:30 still not seeing it happening .. so I leave.

     So many examples of no ethics .......  anyway ... I've learned ... don't be bashful, get detailed explanations in writing on sound recording of them putting their guarantees. 

Get it in detailed writing, and support that with audio / video support.

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