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This 8 hour class of practical land navigation combines classroom PDF presentation with in your hand training aids, followed by the outdoor training.  Outdoors you will be divided into small teams for a small instructor / student ratio.  You will be supplied with the map of the area, and you will utilize your compass to put the classroom portions to use.  Techniques include plotting a course, terrain analysis and navigation around or over obstacles, step counting, and some basic survival skills.  Expect about 5 hours of field work, so dress appropriately.  You must have a suitable compass and writing utensil (pencil is best).   Check with your instructor about firearms carry.  CDS would like to know that you have at least a Carry Permit, but keep in mind some parks prohibit guns, so keep them concealed regardless of your personal belief on open carry.  Plan on eating lunch, not included.

LAND NAVIGATION TWO:   Night Operations

Prerequisite is Land Navigation One or Permission.

This is a brief review of Land Nav One ( 1 hour) followed by 5 hours of Night Operations.  Your compass should have night glowing capabilities (optional Trititium or shine & glow), you must have goggles for your eyes (protecting them from branch pokes), a flashlight with red lense is suggested, a backup flashlight, pencil (black lead, or marker), and appropriate clothing for the weather and terrain, water, and snacks.   There will be a demonstration of early generation Night Vision Goggles and Night Scope.  As our budget grows, so will the NVG updates.  Maps are provided for this exercise.   Plan on eating lunch and dinner, not included.


This course will review or be part of Land Nav 1 (depending on your prior enrollments).  Land Navigation Two is incorporated, so in one weekend or 2 day event you could complete LN1, LN2, LN3.  Land Navigation 3 starts with the end LN2.  You return to the starting point, where those participating in LN3 gather their sleeping bag, tent, food, etc. and prepare to deploy to find and set up a new base camp.  Plan on eating breakfast, 2 lunches, one dinner (not included).